Why you should wait to buy the iPhone 5


Head’s up, this one’s just for the Bahamas, folks!

So, people are starting to bring in the iPhone 5 and show it off it seems.  Someone just posted up a picture on foursquare (in a Starbucks no less) of the iPhone 5 here.  And guess what? It was working! Yay…or is it? How would you like to know that your iPhone may become a brick in terms of faster internet VERY soon?

We’ve all heard about BTC getting approval from URCA for the 700MHz frequency, a frequency well known to be used for LTE. Yes, you read that right, LTE.  But what makes that special? Did you know that there are different bands for LTE? To sum it up, the iPhone 5 from the (AT&T) supports only the 4 and 17, and (Verizon) 13 band frequencies.  Guess what…there are 17 different bands for LTE. see: http://www.radio-electronics.com/info/cellulartelecomms/lte-long-term-evolution/lte-frequency-bands-notes.php

That means your iPhone 5 may not even work for LTE and you’ll be forever stuck until you get a new iPhone that supports it.  No, I’m not inciting fear or anything, but I’d really like for people to consider this after spending anywhere between 600 to over 1000 bucks on a phone. I’m sure you’d be interesting in future use, right? And BTC already made it public that they are going to be rolling it out starting from early 2013.

In sum, I’m waiting until I can get some bands to verify I don’t lose out on my brand new iPhone. More so, I’m probably going to wait until BTC sells it so…if something goes wrong…I’ve got my warranty with them. What’s your thoughts?


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