Tech Talk: Ep 7 – iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, Burger King, PUBG, Nintendo and more


Tech Talk host, Michael, and guest Vicquell, cover the following topics:

BlackBerry wants to license out secured Android
Chrome to allow permanent mute of sites
Burger King, Russia, wants you to invest in Whoppercoin
Other spec’d variants might be out there
Partners with Panasonic USA and 20th Century Fox to create metadata platform HDR10+
Amazon Prime members to get special discounts on food at Whole Foods Market
Amazon and Microsoftt now letting Amazon Alexa and Cortana integrate with one another
Splatoon 2 voice over LAN is built in, leaves question of why we need to use Nintendo Switch app on smartphones
Miiverse is being killed off
Facebook 360 video’s & pictures, not just iOS anymore, now everyone can shoot in 360
PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds becomes most game with most players, on Steam, on at a time then goes down
Following old school Facebook and Google+, China wants internet comments linked to real names
Darkwood game developers placed a legit copy of the game on The Pirate Bay to help cash-strapped players
Malware, WireX, spans across 300 apps in Google Play Store to infect over 120,000 devices in 100 countries. CloudflareGoogle and others worked to take down the malware.
Google is branding certified Android devices with Google Play Protect logo
Swift, the iOS program language, course hitting community colleges
iOS 11 new Apple Pay Cash may require photo ID
iOS Beta 8 is out
iPhone 8 keynote on Sept 12th @ Steve Jobs’ Center
New York Police Department (NYPD) is moving its 36,000 devices from Windows Phones to iPhones
Apple takes over Beddit sleep tracking customer support
Report states iPhone 8 to have a dock, new multitasking and gestures to replace home button


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