Tech Talk: Ep 24 – Alexa’s early Halloween, the notch, Airbnb’s updates & more!


In Tech Talk’s 24th episode, Michael, Vicquell and Chris talk about:

– Airbnb’s Plus and SuperHost programs – Chris freaks out, just a fyi
– Amazon Alexa is preparing for Halloween a bit early – randomly laughing for no reason (okay, Amazon’s saying it’s hearing things but we know better)
– The notch – What’s going on, will it die, will it stay, will it go all the way | lots of Androids taking it on, reports say Apple will make it smaller in 2019 or get rid of it
– Pirating apps – Is it still a thing? Seems so, Spotify is saying users of pirated versions get an email saying “abnormal activity”, eventually may end in suspension or terminating accounts
– Amazon vs Google – Can’t they play nice? Google no longer selling Nest devices on Amazon
– YouTube and Instagram working on special camera features – YT is developing a green screen effect while IG is working on a knock-off Portrait effect similar to iPhone’s
– IG may also release voice and video chat

Original air date: March 9th, 2018

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