Projection: BlackBerry falling while Android rising in the Bahamas


Well, that’s it!  BlackBerry has released its new “Jazz”, the BlackBerry Curve 9320 and the Curve 9220, series in other parts of the world (not just to specific US carriers) so that means it’s likely coming here to the Bahamas as well.  However! Samsung is quick on its heels with the Samsung Chat (not the Ch@t 335 which it currently sells) which offers a touch screen AND a QWERTY keyboard.  My own views on it make me see it as a direct competitor with the new Jazz series, even down to combating the Curve’s new BBM button with its own ChatON button.

We can expect the new Curves to come down well before the new Chat, however, as the Chat’s release date is slotted around the 3rd quarter for this year.

Let’s also not forget about the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) coming out around the third week in July (this month).  Speculations are still rising on if BTC will be offering the new dual core processor for LTE accessibility, quad core for a faster phone or even both.  I know I’ll be itching for one.


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