First Bahamian to have Google Glass


At least that I know of. (It’s already up for dispute.) After a few invites, I finally have my pair of Google Glass. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting my experiences with them.

I first got them on Friday, 24th Jan, and had a back and forth of what all they can do – including the fact that it’s a lot more than just a pair of glasses and a smartphone accessory. Points were raised, and in the end it was realised to be just that – more than just a pair of glasses and more than just a smartphone accessory. Wearable tech is going to really screw around with people and Customs until they get this straight.

They came in a long black box, which admittedly made it look like something special was hiding inside. No markings, no nothing, at least until I opened up the box.

Well, can anyone say I was excited? First thing, I downloaded the MyGlass app and paired it to my phone while charging it up from my powerbank. Yes, it was that serious. I spent a good portion of that night fiddling around with them to get it setup completely and came in to work the next day with them.

More on the experience in another post.


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