Bahamian Corps: It’s time to upgrade your tech


Does anyone remember back in the day when this commercial used to run, along with several others? For NINE years, this guy was asking the question: “Can you hear me now”, so they could continue to improve. Can we say that most of our companies are doing the same?  How efficient are they when it comes to technology, how they can use it properly, and how they can save by using it?

Recently, some of our powerhouses have been getting a lot of flack, the main two being BEC, for always shutting down grids to save power and redirecting it during summer (said by an actual BEC engineer), and BTC, for using old technology for so long before selling out to C&W.  We can then move onto companies that are saying that they are improving, but are actually stagnating like Cable Bahamas and its 3 MBps landline systems as a basic package, and tech stores that continue to sell old products, while making potential customers have to order online or go to the US to buy the more high tech stuff.

More places should also be using green technology, like the idea that Bahamar is planning on using (which is actually pretty dangerous regardless of the benefit) where it uses the ocean’s power by digging under and tunneling the ocean from one point to another so it cools its air conditioning unit grid.  Perhaps something less drastic, but along those lines are needed here.  While we don’t have much wind in Nassau anymore, we have a lot of sunlight, a lot of roofs, are surrounded by water, use a ton of fat in our food but no bio-fuel cards to use it up, and I can go on and on.  The Bahamas needs to WAKE UP and smell the cinnamon, lest some other power come in and do it before we do.

We also can’t blame these companies for when they finally start to shake the cobwebs off of themselves, yawn, and have that lull of grogginess before actually getting ready for the day.  They will have problems getting things right, they will have problems moving forward, and they will have problems because of the social lashback that Bahamians love to give.

Here’s an example; a lot of Bahamians are saying how they can’t wait for the new telecom from the states to come like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint or AT&T.  Here’s some facts: The reason why they hired the guy in the video above was to show they were working on getting RID OF THEIR BUGS AND DROPPED LOCATIONS.  Sorry for the caps, but it’s true.  I dare any one of you to look on any of their facebook pages or social media pages (minus Google+) and not be able to find complaints of dropped calls or internet sucking or some other issue.

Just something to think about.


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